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"Mitra delivers the reader an entry point into stillness. His words capture the essence of silence..."

- Panache Desai


INSIGHTS reveals a poetic voyage of indomitable human spirit. From the life shattering experience, Mitra uses the written word to bring himself and the reader on a journey that reveals the path to light, life, renewal and the truth at the core of it all. Every page is rich with multilayered insights, revealing a vision of spiritual depth and beauty far beyond the  rational mind. With penetrating simplicity, INSIGHTS provides a guide to expansion, gratitude, and the radiant stillness of the present moment.



"Mitra is a gifted healer who has been inspired by real life events. In this book, he shares his empowering, inspirational gift of poetry, giving the reader keys to transformation, healing and contentment."

Anita Moorjani

New York Times best-selling author of Dying To Be Me and

What If This Is Heaven


The Author

Mitra Politi is the Spiritual Director for Rhythmia Life Enhancement Center in Costa Rica. He is a certified Acupuncturist, intuitive healer and practitioner of indigenous Colombian healing under the guidance of Taita Juanito Chindoy Chindoy. Mitra also leads transformational workshops, participates in public speaking engagements and offers private coaching for entrepreneurs and CEO’s interested in bringing a spiritual and holistic focus into their businesses.

As a young man, after completing a 4 year degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zen Shiatsu and administering his own private clinic in Israel, Mitra chose to leave the Mediterranean conflict of his homeland and retreat to a newly formed ecological and spiritual community in Costa Rica.

A generous friend and guide to many, Mitra brings commitment, passion, clarity, intuition and humor to every endeavor.
The Author


Please enjoy an interview with Mitra Politi that was published on the following platforms:
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